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I Want to Volunteer!

We currently have a full slate of weekly volunteers. What a blessing!

We do have a consistent need for subs. If you would like to be added to our “sub roster,” please email Tracy Emery, FIT Closet Coordinator at fitcloset383@gmail.com

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to space limitations, we are unable to accommodate groups of volunteers during our regularly open shifts. We do, however, have "special projects" that arise throughout the year (i.e., seasonal "changeover" of clothing - spring/summer to fall/winter (and vice versa), school supply week, reorganization/cleaning). These "special projects" are a great time to plug in groups from outside our regular volunteer pool.  If you'd like to:

  • have your group added to our "special projects group list,"

  • tour the FIT Closet (during closed hours), or

  • have the FIT Closet Coordinator come speak to your group/organization...

please email Tracy Emery, FIT Closet Coordinator at: fitcloset383@gmail.com.

FYI:  At the FIT Closet, we do have the following policy in place:  "To avoid awkward interactions for our school-age shoppers and their parents, all volunteers working during shopping hours must be college-age or older.  High-school-age volunteers are allowed to work during non-shopping hours (special projects / sorting-only days)."